About us

About us

The human aspect of innovation

Together, with the most daring innovators and experts in solar roofs, we have created SunRoof, a product that combines roof tiles with photovoltaic cells. We build a world free from carbon energy and inspire people to face climate change challenges. We strive towards building an environment-friendly world of the future. A world run on sun

Lech Kaniuk

Lech Kaniuk

An experienced manager, serial entrepreneur and business scaling expert.

In recent years, he has managed or supervised a portfolio of companies that operate in the fields of modern technology, finance, real estate, photovoltaics and energy. He has co-authored the success of brands such as Delivery Hero, PizzaPortal, iTaxi, Bean & Buddies, ePark, Heimdal, Nidavellir, JLS Property, Dropbybox.com, Prowly.com and Migam.org.

Speaker, mentor, lecturer. Author of the book “The Power of Motion” [Polish: “Siła Pędu”].

Winner of the ranking of 50 most creative people in business by the “Brief” magazine.

Currently the President of the Management Board and the main shareholder in SunRoof. The company creates innovative roofs of solar panels. SunRoof operates in Scandinavia, Poland and Kenya.

Karol Kaniuk

Karol Kaniuk

Acquired competence in energy-efficient housing at the prestigious Halmstad University in Sweden. He has managed several successful companies in the building and construction industry. He has more than 10 years’ experience in building solar roofs. A pioneer in roofing system solutions using Renewable Energy Sources. A long-term expert in the photovoltaic industry, he leads and has supervised many comprehensive projects, managed executive teams and ensured the highest standards according to RISE Institute guidelines.

SunRoof - Marek Zmysłowski

Marek Zmysłowski

An entrepreneur and investor, expert in the Internet business in emerging markets, author of the bestseller “Chasing the Black Unicorns” [Polish: “Goniąc Czarne Jednorożce”].

Enthusiast of all things Africa; he has completely focused his business activities on this Continent. He gained experience in Rocket Internet, etc.

Today he is the founder of: HotelOnline.co – a software development company for the hotel industry, and Jumia Travel – Africa's largest online hotel booking website, a company listed on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). He is a mentor in African projects for such organisations as Google and the World Bank.

In 2014 he was chosen by IT News Africa Magazine as one of the ten most important people in technology.

SunRoof - Martyn Szczepankowski

Martyn Szczepankowski

Lawyer, founder and CEO of Expert – a nationwide logistics company, and co-founder of Remowings – an IT company offering technological solutions for transport companies. An effective entrepreneur with extensive experience in technology, sales, strategy and business development.

Previously he held a number of senior positions in the early stages of medium and large companies, including iTaxi.pl, Pizzaportal, VF Poland and DTS.

SunRoof - Rafał Plutecki

Rafał Plutecki

He has been involved in the startup industry, new technologies and the Internet for over 20 years.

His career has included being the founder and CEO of Internet Technologies, one of the first Polish Internet companies. Managing partner of VC Innofund. Regional Director of Infopraca from Group Intercom. Founder and CEO at Tempo in the microinsurance industry. Rafał is also a business angel. Former head of Google Campus Warsaw, part of Google for Startups.

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A new era for roofs

SunRoof is the most efficient and environment-friendly solar roof on the market. Our underlying objective is to replace all roofs with SunRoofs that will produce enough electricity for people around the globe, ensuring a future where we can thrive together with nature.

The revolutionary concept for solar roofs came to life in Sweden in 2013, based on the opportunities that solar technology offered at that time, coupled with the high-quality Swedish design. The functionality of our roofs sets new standards, as they protect, insulate and ventilate houses, and produce electricity at the same time. Integrated with the whole structure of the building, they are simple, lightweight, and easy to install thanks to novel and specially designed materials and fittings that entirely substitute multiple-layer roofs. SunRoof’s matching panels and trims make for a coherent and highly elegant structure. With the eye-catching modern look and the ultra-smooth solar panel surface, SunRoof is an innovative solution like no other.

Setting a new standard in construction – the ACTIVE Home

ACTIVE Home brings a new quality in energy-independent buildings, with the underlying idea of a harmonious relationship between three aspects that are key for man: comfort, energy, and the environment. Original solutions allow for maximum consumption of electricity produced by SunRoof, thereby satisfying the electricity demand of even the most demanding residents. The technology that enables smart energy management makes life easier and more convenient. SunRoof, with the lowest carbon footprint in the world, is a testament to our dedication to the environment and future generations

Possibilities of SunRoof worldwide

We want everyone to have access to SunRoof, an eco-friendly and extremely efficient solar roof. We create innovative technologies and purposefully present our vision of a world of sustainable energy in other countries.

After our success in Sweden, equipped with knowledge, experience and strong funding, we are expansing into global markets.

SunRoof Technology

SunRoof’s R&D centre is a place where we develop the best Scandinavian models to improve our innovative solar roofs, and where we introduce environment-friendly novelties into the global market. We create the technologies of tomorrow to build a future based on renewable energy sources.

Our team of world-class experts works on advanced technologies and tests new solutions. We carry out R&D projects in:

BIPV – developing new designs, materials, manufacturing processes, and solar systems to maximize efficiency

Functionality – developing technologies, including our de-icing system which ensures that the whole surface of the roof stays free of snow and ice, guaranteeing the right amounts of energy

Aesthetics – ensuring that our SunRoofs are in a class of their own in design, working on colour, shape, and materials to make every SunRoof a unique product.